Saturday, January 10, 2009

it seems like forever.

yeay, backo. lol. it seems i didn't write in here like, forever? huhu.

well, sorry cause lots of thing coming up.

actually i dunno what to write cause i dunno what to write.

sigh. i am a total psycho. am i?

eck! what happened to me? i am totally lost.
maybe it has got something to do with someone i like. heehee.
don't get me wrong. i'm not talking abt bf. not yet, okayh?

btw i did received the responses from her. i am like, so excited. heehee.
and her fren told me that she was the one telling her abt me.
ohh well. that was sweet. thank you dear :)

and i am so can't hardly wait till the time comes. yippieeee.

eh, why am i writing like this ah? i dont have any stupid idea.

oh. she asked my number. yeah she did. and now i am waiting for her call like crazy. ha-ha.