Wednesday, November 14, 2007

funny. serious funny. n i likeee it! hhaha. :D

this morning, my office mate, Edot told me tht she had this funny dream last nite. It's abt us n other officemate went to ISS (International Space Station) with Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor. (pictures)
wowww.. how i wishhhhhhh it was real. heeehehehe.

And, 1st part of her dream is, oh, this is the sweeeeetest part!! *drooling* hahahah.
It was abt me (read:  ME!! hehe) n Dr SMS were travelling alone (read: ALONE ;)) to ISS. Just the TWO of us. Walauweeyy.. hahaha i really wished it was real. I dun care. Even tho its juz in her dream.
(damn. wonder why i dun have this dream myself haha ;P)

*smilingggggggggggggg* heehehe.

opsss here's the 2nd part. forgot oready :P
ok this is the funniest part. after both of us came back to earth, i invited my 2 officemates including this Edot to ISS together again. N this time Dr.  SMS had to be left out bcoz tht spaceship can onli carry 3 ppl aite? *bloody spaceship* lol. So this is the moment where he got mad. haha funny eh? the reason why he got mad is bcoz he's the leader n why must he'd to be left out? hehehehe.

but the sadly part is she doesnt finish the dream!! warghhhhhhhhhh.
she woke up then n realized it was juz a dream. lolll. then all of us were laughing like mad.
but i like itttt so muchh hihihihihi.

*continues smiling n drooling* :P

                              Dr. SMS (left) n his siblings


Ded Che said...

Kira rezeki tuh...

last night i dream of holding a very cute baby boy... anyone know the meaning of it?

oneA oneO said...

hahahaha...can understand how u rasa wpun dalam mimpi..
One berkesempatan amik gambar ngan dia on 30/10/2007..
sampai ke ari nie masih senyum sorang2 bila tgk balik gambar tu
adorable & sweet..syukur alhamdulillah ciptaan Allah

Ieja @ Ariza Mohamed Saleh said...

heeheh lucky u One! Takpe.. akan ku tunggu masa ku berjumpe dgn dia nnt.. who knowssss.. ahakss!

Ieja @ Ariza Mohamed Saleh said...

kalo dh kawen, nk dpt anak kot? or kalo blom kawen? nk kawen kot? ahhaha main blasah je aku nih!

Nazihah Yassin said...

jgn kata kau ja..

Aku kalau edit pic aku tarok sblah pic dia pon bleh drool and smiling je..

Subhanallah!! Hensem mamat ni eh? Anak siapa gaknya..

*cheeky mood*

Ieja @ Ariza Mohamed Saleh said...

anak pak sheikh la kim..yg dok deret2 umah ko tu..yg ujung skali tu..
ahakssssssssss ;p