Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dalam Kenangan . . .

Dalam Kenangan ~ In Memory Of
16/12/1943 - 20/05/2007

The sun came up this morning
It wasn't very bright
My dark mood casts a shadow
It's hard to see the light

We all have just one mother
And, now that her life on earth is done,
The emptiness and loss I feel
Make it hard to see the sun.

Tomorrow is a brand new day
May the pain and sadness lighten
I will remember all her love
And then the sky will brighten

Gone is not forgotten
Her love reminds behind
She's traveled in a new direction
Love knows no space or time

I will always love her
She will care for me from above
She will send me starlight and rainbows
To remind me of her love

As your grown daughter
looking at you now
I see reflections of me
as  though I were looking
into a mirror

Memories of you
young and vibrant
are as clear in my mind
as if I were still a little girl
holding onto your hand

The lessons you taught me
are always with me
especially the ones on surviving
The strength I have inside
is only a shadow of the woman you are

I wanted you to know
how very much I love you
Not just because you are my Mother,
but because you are such a special lady

I'll always miss u Mak . .



sgns @ rihk said...

Harap sabar & tabah menghadapinya...
Moga rohnya ditempatkan bersama orang yang beriman...

Aryzs Properties said...

Al-Fatihah....Semoga Rohnya Dicucuri Rahmat......

Ieja @ Ariza Mohamed Saleh said...

Dengarnya mak kpd Stanly AF6 pun meninggal jgk baru ni td, may her soul rest in peace.

Mia Mysarah said...

moga rohnya aman dan tenang di taman rohani itu...

dyx dzu said...


June S said...